Rousa Surfboards Handmade In Ocean Grove

Its taken us a while to hand pick a good quiver of surfboards for this Wintery time, we have been getting some pretty nice boards for Allan himself. He has just finished a 10board quiver  consisting of 2 models. He belives these 2 models are his signature boards which he has all the locals ripping on from grommets to the old boys.

The  models are the STONEFISH which is the smaller size 5’10 – 6’9 and the others for the bigger boys is the PLATAPUSSY. They both consist of a single into double concave with a chine rail to give you a sweet release from rail to rail, we will be putting one on our demo program very soon so keep a look out on our demo posts .Here is a few photos to giveyou an idea of the boards. Support local shapers hey.

They are all glassed in 6oz bottoms and 10 ounce decks, they have a white pigment so they will keep white for ever, and will last for years.

We have been working with our local shapers top offer you guys a range of boards which will blow your mind, everyone has now realised that 20-211/2 width can be a very inviting  in your board. Maurice Cole has proven this with his metro3, we have sold over a hundred of these boards in the last year with guys who use to ride 19-191/2 are know riding wider and thick and there surfing has expolded. More paddle , more wave More Fun ain’t that whats it all about  folks .