Sell your surfboard on Consignment

Aug 8, 2018 | Second Hand Surfboards

Sell Secondhand Surfboards on Consignment

Sell your surfboard – Looking to move an unwanted / old or unused board? We are now selling Secondhand Surfboards on Consignment again!!!   Forget wasting your time with tyre-kickers on Gumtree, Ebay, SurfCoast Secondhand & Melbourne Secondhand Surfboards Facebook groups – let us put in the hard yards & sell your old or unwanted sticks for you instead.

With our central location for surfers from Melbourne and surrounding coasts, plus a listing on our online store (with 6 photos) we are sure to get a decent amount of traffic/interest in your board.  Payments for the boards to us can be made by Credit Card, Cash or ZipPay which also broadens the pool of customers. We also offer an Australia Wide Shipping Service for customers on our Online Store – so we can substantially increase the number of potential buyers for you board(s), helping you to Sell your surfboard. 

Sell Secondhand Surfboards on Consignment

Our terms and conditions are as follows:

  • The Payment for your sold board will be a Zak Surfboards store voucher / store credit.  You are free to spend this credit/voucher on whatever you like in store (including new surfboards, custom surfboards, other secondhand surfboards, wetsuits, fins, board bags etc)
  • We take a 10% admin fee from the sale price when you Sell your surfboard
  • All boards you want to sell through us must be de-waxed (or you will be charged for us to do this for you)
  • All dings must be fixed & watertight. We won’t sell creased or previously broken surfboards for you.
  • Boards will be listed at a price discussed & agreed to by yourself and one of our staff members (if you are unsure of price etc we can advise you on this)

*We also can buy your old surfboards for $$CASH$$ if you prefer*

Simply come in store with your board(s) during our Opening Hours to sell them through us.