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Services at The Surfboard Studio


CNC Board - The Surfboard Studio - Services

The Surfboard Studio has an in house APS3000 CNC machine to offer contract cutting & surfboard design. We can cut to order you preshape specifications ready for you to finish off. We can also design, construct limited runs/ranges for retail, promotional or advertising purposes.



The Surfboard Studio - Glassing Surfboards - Contract Glassing

The Surfboard Studio offers contract glassing – from 1 to 30 boards per week. For recreational shapers through to established industry veterans who prefer to leave the glassing process to specialists, we can help you meet your demands. So if you have a single board that needs glassing or want to crank out an order for local stockists while in Victoria – we can help you out. Rates differ depending on volume



Material Supplies

  The Surfboard Studio is offering one of the best ranges of surfboard building materials in Australia to the general public. Over 200 blanks in store at all times. Polyester resins -a huge range including double blue highlight and USA Sylmar. Epoxy resins – a great selection from Resin Research, West Systems, Entropy, and Kinetix. Fibreglass a carbon composite – stacks to choose from, sourced from both domestic, USA and other international suppliers. Resin tints and pigments – we have over 10,000 colours available in transparent, iridescent and solid pigments.  Specially formulated by one of the best chemists in Australia. Shaping, sanding and glassing tools – we have a great range that can also be purchased from us. Fins, jigs, plugs, routers and all fin systems are available for purchase. Chemicals and additives – we sell styrenes, waxes, acetone, acrylics, paints and lacquers. Measuring and mixing containers and equipment. Safety equipment – masks, goggles, filters, gloves and overalls. Basically a thorough range of all the things you might need to build surfboard and other watercraft.

Simply contact us at for more information on these.