Simon Forward 4D

4D Simon Forward Surfboards

4D Surfboards’ shaper Simon Forward has been shaping boards for over 15 years and with his knowledge of board designs and the latest computer cutting technology.  Simon shapes the majority of the Zak surfboard models.


Simon Forward 4D


1. Years in the job? 14years shaping
2. How many boards have you made in that time? about 6000
3. What idea rises above all others when you re shaping / designing a board? how its going to go when I go surfing on it
4. What s the golden rule of shaping (for you)? keep it pretty simple ,theres no need to over complicate a surfboard
5. Describe your signature model at the moment? qaud flyer fish small wave board for waves up to 4-5 feet swallow tail with a small flyer and wider nose flatter rocker
6. What s your local break? 13th beach
7. What s your inspiration for making the boards you make? to be able to ride them myself and hopefully for them to perform the way I designed them to go and shape boards for customers and friends that help them enjoy there surfing more
8. Have you ever thought about doing something else? plenty of times, however then I wouldn’t be doing this which I enjoy
9. When was your last holiday? metawiias boat trip in march 2011
10. Favourite food? my wifes nachos
11. Favourite TV show? anything to do with football
12. Favourite colour? blue
13. Favourite brew? coffee in the morning
14. Your most memorable manoeuvre and where was it? a good barrel anywhere always is a favourite
15. Do you recall the best board you ever made and what happened to it? the quaddie that I have at the moment is probably my favourite and I still have it
16. How do you feel about the shift to Asian manufacturing by the larger players in the surfboard industry? I don’t worry about it to much,surfers are always going to want reliable local service and to be able to talk directly to there local shaper about ther board
17. Where would you like to be in 10 years? hopefully still working and surfing around here in ocean grove with my family, if I can get my two daughters surfing by then
18. How do you feel about the professional surfing world tour? its great to watch as they surf so good nowdays , I especially like watching surfing live on FUEL in the comfort of my loungeroom
19. What time do you go to bed? 8.30 I have young kids
20. And what time do you get up? 6.00 I have young kids