Slater Designs FRK

Mar 18, 2019 | Shortboards

Slater Designs FRK

The Slater Designs FRK has landed on our racks at Zak Surfboards (SHOP NOW). Conceived by head Firewire designer Dan Mann this design is Kelly’s new performance shortboard for the 2019 WCT season. A departure from more experimental designs with Tomo, this model is more of a straight-up performance shortboard built to allow Kelly’s incredible talents to shine on tour.

Kelly Slater FRK Dan Mann Collage Nose Tail Top

“If I had to describe the nuts and bolts of the FRKs design, I’d simply say it’s made to make you forget it’s there. When designing boards for Kelly I’m trying to remove as many variables as possible and make it something that can level up his talents, or the talents of other surfers, without any glitches, or ever feeling like it’s in your way. I can’t wait to see everyone riding it in 19”
– Dan Mann; FRK Designer.

Slater Designs FRK

The Slater Designs FRK features a fairly standard shortboard outline with a round tail. No hips or bumps in the outline and fairly standard nose and tail widths for a performance shortboard. The rocker is a fairly continuous medium curve throughout – with a little extra flip in the very last few inches of the nose, as well as a smidge extra in the last 6 inches or so in the tail.

Kelly Slater FRK Dan Mann Collage Nose Tail Bottom

The rails of the Slater Designs FRK are a round shaped medium rail, not overly tucked with plenty of edge in the tail. This edge extends up a good way up the board, forward of the fins. Interestingly the FRK has a slightly more generous foil through-out the board than most HP shortboards – no doubt to give it a little extra flow & glide through mushier flatter sections.

The bottom contour features a deep single concave, that runs right through the board – pretty much from nose to tail. No doubt to give you the lift and speed you need for all-round surfing in a variety of conditions on a craft like this.

If you have studied Kelly’s approach to wave-riding you may have noticed that Kelly likes positioning himself quite tightly in the hook & turning right in the critical part of the wave. He’s also is a big fan of mixing up his manoeuvres and taking multiple lines of attack. The Slater Designs FRK with it’s curvy outline and rocker looks purpose built for that approach – facilitating controlled, catch free surfing, no matter where it’s placed.

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