Sci-Fi 2.0 from Slater Designs

Mar 27, 2020 | Shortboards

Sci-Fi 2.0 from Slater Designs Deck

The Sci-Fi 2.0 has arrived in store! ( SHOP NOW ) The brand new version of one of the most popular surfboard Slater Designs models. For the update Daniel Tomo Thompson has made a few subtle changes to turn this model so it will perform in a broader range of conditions. The most obvious change is the movement of the wide point forward of center. This gives the board a drivier outline & allows this┬ádesign to be ridden a touch shorter than its predecessor. A touch more volume has been packed into the update to ensure you don’t sacrifice paddle with the reduced length.

Sci-Fi 2.0 from Slater Designs Nose Tail Shots

The tail block has been pulled in a touch in the Sci-Fi 2.0 to keep enough curve in the outline. The rocker has also been tweaked to something quite similar to the Cymatic. The new rocker combined with the smaller tail block gives the design a greater wave range than the original. Without sacrificing too much of the ultra fast and responsive small wave prowess of the first Sci-Fi.

Sci-Fi 2.0 from Slater Designs Bottom

A full size run of the Slater Designs Sci-Fi 2.0 is currently on our racks in store. Available now from our shop or see the full collection of Slater Designs boards we have online ( SHOP NOW )