Snake Eyes Phantom Phlex from Stacey

Feb 4, 2020 | Shortboards

Stacey Snake Eyes Phantom Phlex

We have a full size run of the Snake Eyes ( SHOP NOW ) from Stacey Surfboards now on our racks in store at Zak Surfboards. Roll the dice and see if they come up Snake Eyes. This shape is the perfect blend of performance and fun. 

The Snake Eyes has a fuller outline, for maximum carry in a variety of conditions.  The low entry rocker gives you great glide into waves and excellent acceleration off the front foot.  The rocker remains relatively low until you get to the tail where there is a healthy dose of continuous tail curve. The outline also pulls in courtesy of a slight hip to a reasonably tight swallow tail.  When combined with the tail rocker, this shape has been used to help you break line and draw tighter arcs in the pocket with control. 

The bottom contour of the Snake Eyes is a fairly generous single to double concave. There is a touch of vee that runs out the last few inches of the tail.  This combo has been used for speed, drive and liveliness – giving you the lift and motor you need in anything from knee high mush to overhead.

Constructed using a 36gram EPS Core with a custom Uni-Directional Carbon Tape. Each of these Snake Eyes Phantom Phlex models is hand laminated using Epoxy Resin and Double Biax Cloth on the deck. This provides a board with superior strength to weight characteristics that feels fast and responsive under your feet. 

The Snake Eyes in Phantom Phlex has strategically placed Uni-Directional Carbon creates additional spring. This is also known as ‘kinetic flex’. As the board is placed under pressure into or out of a turn the combination of the EPS core and CarbonTechnology helps spring the board back to it’s original shape with added speed. 

Overall Snake Eyes is a really nice, easy board to surf. Enough performance that you can throw down the arcs you need on steeper sections. Forgiving enough that you don’t need to position it too precisely and it won’t feel overly sensitive. Can be surfed as a user friendly all-rounder without a problem.  For those of you that ordinarily ride HP shortboards – the Snake Eyes would make a great 2nd board for weaker, less inspiring conditions.

Head in store to check out the Snake Eyes and the rest of the Stacey Surfboards we have on our racks or shop them now online ( SHOP NOW ).