Sorry but I’m Santa at the moment

Dec 21, 2011 | News

Hey all
So so so sorry, we have a lot in the shop to show you all but we are getting pumped in the shop at the moment. I will get on to it asap after Christmas to give you an idea on what goodies we offer for all you good customers.
To give to a little idea we have a great quiver of Jr, Super, emery, Gash, Maurice Cole, and for all you loggers we have a new quiver of imperials and Bombora from Greg Brown in store.
Wetsuits are at 25./. Off and have a shit load of great deals on my own boards and a heap of older stock, so pop in and start doing deals with me a Timmy cause we want you to have a great break over the Xmas holiday and get plenty of waves.
Sorry but l have to go to work cause a mom wants a penny skateboard.