DHD Phoenix

Darren’s new small-wave funboard. The perfect shape to get you amped & out there (no matter how average the conditions are).

C-Skins Rewired 4/3

If you’re after a winter wetsuit that doesn’t skimp on flexibility, then this is definitely a suit to check out.

C-Skins Wired 4/3

C-Skins Wired 4/3

Our most popular selling 43 steamer updated for Winter 2020 with a number of significant improvements

How to Wax a Surfboard

How to Wax a Surfboard

Make your wax job grippier and longer lasting – the better connection with your board, the the better the ride.


G’day Crew. We are super excited to announce that our first shipment of Stacey boards are arriving next week. The first shipment is a quiver of Lee’s Bounty Hunter model which will have you ripping on average waves quicker than a Sea Bass snap! Speaking of Sebastian Zietz, if you were near Bells or Winki around Easter you would have seen him absolutely lighting up the Winki line up on some Staceys. If you are interested in some of the other sick models that Stacey does, which you can check here: http://staceysurfboards.com/ and speak to Damo as he has ordered himself a whole quiver for his Costa Rica trip. Check the sweetness and love put into these boards below…