Oct 3, 2010 | Skate


If you cannot get to the beach as much as you need to keep up y0ur basic surfing skills and fitness Streeboardz are for you, they areĀ  as responsive as a surfboard for the street. We have demos in house so you can take one for the weekend and carve up the pavement. Here is the a feww testimonies from a few crew.

Martin Dunn

“i use Streetboardz on a daily basis as part of my high performance surf training programs.” M.Dunn, world renowned surf coach and head coach of the Australian Junior Surfing Team.


“We use Streetboardz at Surfing Australia’s High Performance Center in northern NSW.”

Barton Lynch

“When i coach a new surfing student, beginner or advanced, the first thing i do is get them to ride the Streetboardz. Then I can, within minutes, assess what is going on with their technique, bio mechanics and exactly what their surfing needs.

It can take me days of observation in the water for a similar assessment.” B.Lynch, 1988 ASP World Surfing Champion and head coach of the Australian Open Surfing Team

Richard Dog Marsh

“streetboardz are a great tool to help surfer/snowboards improve there overall technique & style, add to this there just great fun to cruise around on. I’m using mine more and more.” Dog Marsh, Former ASP Rookie of the year & Current Red Bull Europe Surf team Coach.