Summer Board Package Deals 2019/2020

Dec 10, 2019 | Beginner Boards

Things have finally warmed up around here at Zak Surfboards and we would like to give you a basic rundown on our new summer package deals. If you are considering buying your first surfboard this summer, these prices and information will give you a rough guide on what you will be spending this summer. The brands that we will be including in our packages are TORQ, NSP, G Board, G-Lite, Ryder, Softech and  Zak.

The main things to remember with the summer deals are all boards come with a basic set of fins and the packages are optional on all brands listed above. We have made some imagery to explain the deals in the upmost simplicity. 


So the package includes :

Also, in the diagram above you will notice that the predominant package price for all these boards are $120. That is until you choose a board that is 8 feet in length or longer. This then bumps the package price up to $135.

G Board Package Deals

For G Boards – BUY HERE


For all other brands and info CLICK HERE.

Torq Surfboard Package Deals

For Torq Surfboards click – HERE

Also, we would like to inform you of one more summer package. We are offering 20% off storewide if you buy 2 x bodyboards worth more than $150. This excludes other surfcraft. Explained in the diagram below…

This is just a basic rundown of our package deals for the summer of 2019/2020 but do not hesitate to give the shop a call on 03 94167384 for any further inquiries or visit our online store HERE