Superbrand Mad Cat

Jun 5, 2015 | Shortboards, Step-Ups

Superbrand Mad CatThis sample Superbrand Mad Cat – Clay Marzo’s new signature model arrived in store this morning and looks pretty darn toight!

Featuring all the elements that allow him to go bezerk in everything from waist high beach break mush to grinding reef slabs. There is a bit of extra width & thickness in the nose for paddling power and  recoveries from big tail wafts. A fuller, boxy rail to give you something to push against and slightly more pulled in, rounded square tail to keep it quick, snappy and tight.   The Mad Cat combines all the elements of a very high performance board with a few more forgiving features which make it easy to paddle and smooth in rail-to-rail transitions (a great board for those of us that aren’t quite as talented as Clay as well).

Superbrand Mad Cat 2Available from us at the moment as a custom only – come and check this sample out instore for the next few days