Superbrand Pigdog

Apr 23, 2014 | Shortboards, Step-Ups

Pigdog Collage 1 [650 x 650] Superbrand Pigdog 2 [650 x 650]

The Superbrand Pigdog is a new model 2014.  It’s unique in it’s outline with a wider/fuller front end and a fine, pulled, gun-like tail. This results in quite a curvy outline perfect for fitting into those steeper parts of the wave.

It’s a board that will hold in when you need it to, while still feeling lively.  With the forward wide point and volume under your chest, it is also a very easy board to paddle.  A great choice for the better days over winter in Victoria, or for you next trip to indo.

You can check out this model and the rest of our range of new surfboards here ONLINE

Available at Zak’s only as a custom order.