Timmy Patterson Surfboards now in store

Aug 26, 2020 | Shortboards

Timmy Patterson Surfboards have landed on our racks at Zak Surfboards ( SHOP NOW ). We are very stoked to welcome the legendary shaper’s designs to our shop. After meeting Timmy & checking out his factory on one of their trips to the USA. Zak & Damo have had his boards in mind to someday have on our racks. In this last week we have added our first box to our shop stock – with more coming in the next week or so.

Timmy Patterson Surfboards - Italo Ferreira Collage

Timmy Patterson Surfboards

Timmy Patterson - Matt Archbold Collage

The Timmy Patterson Surfboards Models that we have kicked off with are the Italo Ferreira Pool Party 2 ( read more here ) & the Stoke-Ed ( read more here ) models. Both Victorian friendly shapes that have a great blend of utility and spice.

Timmy Patterson Surfboards - Pool Party 2 Pic

Timmy Patterson - Stoke-ed Pic

Timmy has one of the finest surfboard shaping pedigrees going around. With his father & uncles working in board building from the 1950s (pretty much at the start of what we now call the surf industry). Timmy cut his chops at the Hobie factory learning the art from his family and other notable legends of the industry including Terry Martin, Dale Velzy, Mickey Munoz & Chris McElroy.

Timmy Patterson Surfboards - stringer text

Timmy has had hands on experience in nearly all aspects of board building. This vast knowledge is utilized to produce the highly sought after boards now under his T. Patterson brand that are available today. Since the brands inception it’s inception in the 1980s, Timmy’s shapes have been found under the feet of surfers of the highest caliber. Notable examples are Matt Archbald, Gavin Beschen, Pat O’connell & World Champion Italo Ferreira. Come and check them out once lock-down is over or head online to have a closer look at stock on the racks ( SHOP NOW )