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Nov 26, 2018 | Beginner Boards

Torq Surfboards Rack image

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We are loaded up with Torq Surfboards (Shop Now) ready for the coming summer.  If you, your partner, friend, children etc are after an affordable board to get started on / progress you surfing on – then the Torq range is definitely worth considering.  We also have some great package options of board bags/covers and legropes from top suppliers at a great price.  These are available with all of the Torq Surfboards – both in store & online.


Torq Surfboards Mod Fish TET


The Torq Mod Fish design (pictured here in a 6’6″) is a perfect blend of a classic fish outline with a contemporary rail shape & bottom contour. The Mod Fish is built for that combination of speed, manoeuvrability, paddle power & stability. Specifically designed to excel in a wide range of conditions, the Torq Mod Fish is equally at home in pumping overhead waves or mushy, choppy, knee high peaks.  The Mod Fish shape has a fairly full nose for glide, stability and paddle power. The full outline tapers back into a swallow tail for extra bite and control, while still retaining that fast, loose feel underfoot that fish shapes are famous for. The bottom features a single to double concave for speed, with a pronounced vee to help you get this relatively wide board on rail.


Torq Surfboards Mod Fish TET Collage 1


Torq Surfboards Mod Fish TET


Torq Surfboards Mod Fish TET Collage 2


Torq Surfboards are built using a molded epoxy construction, that is heavily reinforced – meaning these things can take a real beating (compared to traditionally constructed PU & other EPS/Epoxy surfboards). This makes Torq Surfboards a great choice for the beginner to intermediate surfer, or those of you that want a board that will really last.  Available in a great range of shapes too – come and check them out in store or have a look at what we have in stock ONLINE