Town & Country Promotional Giveaway

Apr 17, 2020 | Fish Surfboards, Shortboards

Town & Country Promotional Giveaway is on now at Zak Surfboards!! (BUY A STICKER PACK TO ENTER) This time you have a choice of either of these two boards from Town & Country with the RRP $1095. The Twin Byrner – a modern take on a classic 80s shape crafted by the expert hands of legendary shaper Ian Byrne. 


Town & Country Promotional Giveaway Board Pictures 1



5’10” x 19 1/4″ x 2 5/8″ 31.89L FCSII
6’0″ x 19 1/2″ x 2 5/8″ 34.56 Futures



Town & Country Promotional Giveaway Board Pictures 2



For those of you who haven’t entered one of these before simply hit the link in our bio and purchase one of our sticker packs. For each sticker pack you buy – we put your name (and other contact details) onto a ticket that goes into the draw to win one of these beauties. Enter as many times as you like – there are 120 packs in total. (BUY A STICKER PACK TO ENTER) 


Once all the packs are sold we’ll get Zak and friends to draw the winning ticket out of a hat/jar (Zak might also be wearing a horse head mask or something fun like that too – which you can watch on Instagram). Get onboard and grab yourself a pack before all of them sell out!!