Town & Country Twin Byrner

Oct 24, 2019 | Retro Surfboards, Shortboards

Town & Country Twin Byrner ( SHOP NOW). The second Town & Country model we’ve had land in store is the Twin Byrner. This model takes the lead from the Saint (Martin Potter’s iconic 80’s twin fin shape) and heads in more of a high performance direction. Featuring a similar single wing swallow tail and the same fuller outline. It differs however, with a more modern foil, bottom contour and the option of a 3rd fin!

Town & Country Twin Byrner

The Twin Byrner has a little less meat in the nose for less swing weight and more whip through turns. The fairly neutral bottom of the Saint has been modernized. It has a deeper single concave under the front foot that transitions into a spiral-vee double through the fins. You get more lift, acceleration and liveliness with this bottom contour. This model retains a similar the same full outline and rocker as the Saint. With a wing just behind the fins that pulls into a relatively tight swallow tail. The distribution of foam is definitely a bit more modern in the Twin Byrner. Having said that though – there is still a decent amount of thickness in the nose and front of the board. Though not as extreme as the original.

Town & Country Twin Byrner

Town & Country Twin Byrner Rocker Shot

These look super fun and I am currently trying to justify buying myself one. A great board for those who ride HP shortboards that want something to spice up even the dullest, mushy conditions. If you generally ride something a bit more forgiving, then the Twin Byrner would be great as a user friendly all-rounder. If you are a bit bored with straight up performance boards then these would be well worth checking out.

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