True Ames Fins

Sep 11, 2018 | Fins, Hardware & Accessories

True Ames Fins Collage 3

True Ames Fins are back in stock at Zak Surfboards (BUY NOW). The crew at True Ames have been crafting high quality surfboard fins for close to 40 years. They offer a broad variety of fins for all different types of wave riding vehicles. From cutting edge contemporary designs to oldschool logs & other retro shapes – they have a fantastic selection. A company that takes pride in balancing a surfer and shaper driven design ethic with a commitment to innovation and production excellence. Their mission is to provide the surfing world with the best fins that money can buy.

We have templates in store from some of the biggest names in Surfboards including Skip Frye, Hobie and Renny Yater. Also iconic fin shapes like the Greenough 4A & single fin templates from Tom Parrish. We also have contemporary signature flex fin designs from Tyler Warren. More templates, colour options and different sizes will be added to the range we have in store in the coming months. If you are after something we don’t have in stock simply ping us through an email and we can get it in for you.

True Ames Fins Collage 2

True Ames Fins are available from us in store or you can grab them BUY NOW online