Twin Fin Surfboard Models

Feb 3, 2017 | Fish Surfboards, Groveller

Twin Fin Surfboard ModelsWe have a bunch of epic Twin Fin Surfboard Models in store at the moment at Zak Surfboards.  If you have been thinking about going twin there are quite a few different ones you can choose form hanging on our racks in store.

Twin Fin Surfboard Models DHD Twin Fin


Twin Fin Surfboard Models DHD Twin FinFirst off and probably the most regular short board-like is the DHD Twin Fin. A super fun, user friendly shape that draws influence from the classic Mark Richards shapes from the 80s.  A great board for a variety of skill levels –  it is a shape that in the right dimensions will work well for intermediate up to the advanced level surfers. Bored with more conventional shapes? Something fun for average days? Love 80s twins but would love something a little more contemporary? Definitely check this model out!!

Twin Fin Surfboard Models - Zak Twin Fin Fish

Twin Fin Surfboard Models - Zak Twin Fin Fish

Next up is probably the most traditional of the bunch – it’s the Zak Twin Fin Fish.  This model is Zak’s take on a classic twin keel fin fish design.  Plenty of foam up front for paddle power and float – this tapers down to a relatively sharp refined rail through the tail.  The finer rail through the tail keep you engaged in the wave face, providing much needed bite and control at high speed and in steeper parts of the wave.  One of the funnest boards you will ever surf, with speed to burn  and great maneuverability. A great board  to ride, in even in the weakest & mushiest conditions!

Twin Fin Surfboard Models - DHD Mini Twin

Twin Fin Surfboard Models - DHD Mini TwinFinally & probably sitting somewhere between the previous two models is the DHD Mini Twin.  Designed as a collaboration between DHD team rider Asher Pacey & Darren Handley.  Based on a  classic keel-fin fish outline but bought into the present with some distinct modern tweaks.

The modern influence can be seen most prominently in the bottom contour of this board –  with a  slight single to double concave running through the guts of the shape with vee out the tail.  This concave into vee gives you a great combination of speed, lift and smooth, clean & easy rail to rail transitions. This shape screams fun and personally I cant wait for us to get our demo so I can take one for a spin;)

On a Twin Fin you’ll skate where others sink, carve while others crab – fun times indeed… come and check these models out in store or browse our full & comprehensive collection of new surfboards, individually listed & photographed ONLINE