Nov 9, 2010 | Fish Surfboards, Groveller

The Webber Pulse is whats new in your fishy hybrids. Width in the tail allows the board to be loose, added width and lower entry in the nose and full body shape will help you get in nice and early. This board shape with the combination of SLX technology screems paddle power and fun. For you slightly bigger guys out there you will like the thickness profile that hides added volume under the chest for paddling . The added float from SLX conbstuction helps the board maintain speed through flat section. This board is worth a look if you are looking for something fun with plenty of options.

The Webber Afterburner. With a slighter wider template forward and super refined double concave out the swallow tail, the Afterburner is more performance Shortboard than fish but still creates unbelievable projection and speed- even in small surf.
A bottom turn off the Afterburners full length double concave is like grabbing fist full of throttle! Your going! Wrap that speed up in a package that is loose in small surf and can be pushed into heavier hollow surf with confidence too and you understand why the Afterburner is one of the most popular swallow tail thrusters in the world.
. “The Webber One” can be ridden slightly shorter than your standard Shortboard because it’s ridden a touch wider too, which makes it a really stable platform to push your surfing to next level from.
“The One” has a full planshape, moderate curves, a super neutral rounded square tail and thruster set up that provides a ton of drive but still breaks loose when you jam it. The lower entry sets the board up for ripping small surf while the slightly fuller volume adds paddle power. The classic lines inspire confidence in larger surf which is really what make this board “The One.”
Clearly Webber has the touch. “The One” is the perfect modern answer to a stable, high performance all-rounder.
The Webber Mini Fish, for those of you that have not had the pleasure, is the definition of what a modern fish should be. Thick and flat with Greg’s highly developed double concave bottom contours and full volume rails get this board moving at mach speeds even in the most gutless surf. Add the FCS MR Fusion fin set up and you get the picture. All glide with the grip and drive you need to make a gutless section then rip the lid off when it bowls up on the inside.
Fast and loose, thick and flat, the Mini Fish is the perfect board for anyone looking to light up gutless summer conditions.

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