Whats Coming At Zak Surfboards For Summer

Sep 15, 2011 | News

Hey All

Sorry about being super slack on the posts lately, but l have been working hard on our online store.

l didn’t realize how much work is in one of these little stores. We are giving away a Free Sup and its for the first 200 customers who buy online, you could by a bloody block of wax and you could win a Sup package over $1000 dollars that’s a 1 in 200 chance guys not bad odds for a 4 buck block of wax.

Anyway  whats in store for summer is one of the biggest ranges of Surfboards, Sups, Skateboards seen in any store in Victoria, we have been collecting a shit load of secondhand surfboards and Sups for the cheaper option, which seems to be the trend out here at the moment. Greg Brown has done an amazing Range of boards from big guy performance to little hybrid shortys which look insane, Doug Rogers is shaping a range of boards for the  person who apprciates smooth flowing lines and templates which the old crew would look at and froth over. A must look in store now.

Maurice Cole has finally done a range of Metro 3’s for the over 100 kg rippers. Dave Boyd has nearly finished a run of logs and mid lengths for us and Sean Neatleton  who was partners with Jordan Nobal from NOTE longboards has started his own lable VANE longboards which are going to blow peoples minds with the tints his doing.

We are introducing  3 new surfboard lables from up north this summerl took a trip up to the goldcoast and byron and did some talking with JR surfboards, EMERY surfboards and SUPER BRAND surfboards with are going to do a nice little range of boards to suit vicco waves for us they should be in mid October early November. I’m thinking people are going to look a little bit deeper into the humble surfboard this year and maybe buy a board which the shaper behind his lable still puts his sweat and tears into the crusts of the foam. Hope so anyway thats why we are supporting these boys cause there still in there bays for the love not for the money.

And thats just the start of whats happening, ill keep up to date weekly check our posts coming up in the next few days for product news.