XM Leashes at Zak’s

Jun 17, 2014 | Legropes

We have full range of XM Leashes at Zak’s.   Our best selling brand of legrope by far, these tangle-free cords feature a light-weight slider that  helps keep the leash away from your feet (with minimal drag).  So no more tripping on take-offs or having you legrope wrap around your ankles.

You won’t want to go back to a regular legrope after using one of these! Available in all the following lengths & thicknesses in store or online.

Tangle Free 6ft Comp

photo 1 650

Tangle Free 6ft Regular

photo 2 650


Tangle Free 7ft Regular


photo 3 650


XTangle Free 8ft Regular


photo 1a 650

Tangle Free 9ft Regular


photo 2a 650


XM  8-12ft Power Clip Cord


photo 3a 650