Zak Lobster Boy Redux

Sep 4, 2015 | Fish Surfboards

Zak Lobster Boy The Zak Lobster Boy model has has been redone for the coming 2015/2016 Summer.  This popular model has been tweaked slightly from previous versions with more of a nod to classic fish shapes this time.

Zak Lobster Boy collage 1IMG_6249Zak Lobster Boy Collage 2A full nosed, wide tail outline has been complimented with a relatively low continuous rocker, a flat bottom with vee out through the fins to the tail.  A beaked nose has been added as has a heavier, more robust glass job.  Paddle into the smallest, weakest waves with ease. Fang down the line & glide across flat sections – make mediocre waves your bitch this summer with one of these puppies.

Come and check them out instore or ONLINE