Mid Length boards combine elements of both shortboards and longboards and are generally sized 7 to 8 feet (2.1 to 2.4 m). They are sometimes called a fun-board. The design allows waves to be caught more easily than a shortboard, and makes it more manoeuvrable than a longboard. It rates as a popular board among beginners, or those transitioning from long-boarding to short-boarding.


Sugar Mountain Surfboards Handshaped By Jordan Nobel

We have finally got Jordan onboard and is doing an amazing quiver of mid lengths and logs, come and and check them out. Also got a run of mini simmons, also have a heap of his own boards for sale secondhand.

Outer Island V2 Super Mals On Racks Now

Hey all Thanks to Mr Steve Bitman we have got the new V2 Super mals on the rack today, he  picked them up from Melbourne airport today and hand delivered them this arvo.  

Outer Island Surfboards Hand Shaped By Mitchell Rae

        Here is a man and a brand which we have taken on at Zak Surfboards, one of our best and respected customers Steve Bitman over the years has always told me about these V Flex surfboards that Mitchell Rae has been doing and mastered for...

Tyler Surfboards In Stock Now Imported From The USA

  * Please note this in an older blog post from 2011 Hello People Just arrived is some very nice Tyler Surfboards which we picked up from our goods friend from Hydrophilic in Torquay. We have 2 in stock in melbourne, a riddler and a step deck , Hydrophillic has...

Rousa Surfboards Handmade In Ocean Grove

Its taken us a while to hand pick a good quiver of surfboards for this Wintery time, we have been getting some pretty nice boards for Allan himself. He has just finished a 10board quiver  consisting of 2 models. He belives these 2 models are his signature boards which...


Hey All We are proud to say that Doug Rogers has handshaped a little quiver of single fins , fishes and big guy performance hybrids for zak surfboards. These boards are all hand shaped and look unreal. Thanks doug for getting onboard.  


                                                                                                                                                                            All right guys fresh from Jan Juc the boys producing NOTE SURFBOARDS dropped in some of their...


Hey freaks   Have you surfed one of these, have you even heard of a displacement hull, these boards are fucking insane i have been surfing a 7'0 hull for the last 6 months and just glassed up a 6'6 hull in a smoke tint this week, and yes i will give you nutters a...

McTavish Range instore now

  Here is a update on the mctavish boards we have in store, check the eggs and scooters which arrived last week there sick. Don't forgot we can get you customs done from the factory in byron. zak

Gash Surfboards have arrived

Hi all Finally pickup 5 boards from the man Greg Brown himself , we got a few big guy performance boards for the first order and starting to move the quiver down to the boards we all surfed in the 90s. When you look at the gash lable it brings you back to the good old...


There coming crew. Finally picking up Greg Brown surfboards next week , there just finishing up the last of the boards. We have a mix batch of boards ranging from 7'0 to 9'0 so keep looking i will post them asap. Stop frothing steve told you they were coming. zak